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Storm Damage Causes Fallen Tree On Roof

Storm Damage Causes Fallen Tree On Roof

Storm Damage and insurance claims go hand in hand for many homeowners. When an insurance company pays a claim due to any type of storm damage, typically hail damage and wind damage, the homeowner may get the entire new roof installation paid for by the insurance company minus any deductible.

Certified Insurance Claims Specialists

Although newer homeowners insurance policies have many new clauses that may not cover the entire cost of a new roof replacement. You must check the fine print and any contingencies you have in your policy. This is exactly why you want to work with a Certified Insurance Claims Specialist, like Richard Hicks of Classic Roofing. Richard will work with the insurance adjuster to get the best financial solution and outcome for you.

Hail Damage

Throughout Metro Atlanta, hailstorms just seem to be a way of life. For many homeowners in Alpharetta, Milton, Marietta, Roswell, John’s Creek, Cumming, Vinnings and Kennesaw Georgia it’s not a question of whether a hailstorm will hit, but when a damaging hail storm will hit. All of these areas as well as most of Georgia may receive hail four or more times a year. Homeowners realize that the roof on their home has a very good chance, as many homes are, to be damaged every year by one of these storms.

The Definition Of Hail Damage

According to the National Storm Damage Center, by definition, hail damage is any damage resulting from hailstones and hailstorms. Hailstones that are 0.75 inches or greater are large enough to cause substantial damage to homes, automobiles & property. For comparison, 0.75 inches is the diameter of a penny.

Wind Damage

High winds are a fact of life for many Metro Atlanta homeowners. Recorded wind speeds have reached upwards of 287 MPH! Now the roof damage done by severe windstorms, wind-driven hail can result in the tune of billions of dollars in damage every year.

5 Factors That Determine Storm Damage

Again, according to the National Storm Damage Center, here are the 5 factors that determine storm damage.

  1. Wind Speed
  2. Wind Direction
  3. Wind Duration
  4. Flying Debris
  5. Strength of the Structure

Call Richard Hicks To Help With Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Richard Hicks is a Certified Insurance Claims Specialists and is just a phone call away at 770-424-2010. Richard will come out and assess your roofs damage and help you with getting a new replacement roof no matter what type of storm damage you have. Call Richard today or use our online request form for your free quote.